New Property Owners

Welcome to Canton! You will need to file several forms, usually included with your closing papers with the Treasurer's Office.


By state law, buyers must:

  • Complete a Property Transfer Affidavit (PDF) (PTA) which must be filed within 45 days of closing.
  • Complete a Principal Residence Exemption (PDF) (PRE) - Also know as a "homestead". If you (the new owner) are planning on owning and occupying this home as your principal residence you are exempted from paying 18 mills in school operating taxes. This form must be filed no later than June 1st to have the exemption apply to your Summer Property Taxes. PRE has no effect on your winter taxes
    • If your new home wasn't owner occupied at the time you purchased it, and you file after June 1st, your summer taxes will not have the Homestead / PRE Exemption on them.
    • If your new home was occupied by the former owner at the time of sale, the property is considered "homesteaded" for the year. You must still file the paperwork.


By state law, sellers must:

  • File a Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (PDF) (R-PRE) when they sell their homesteaded property
  • File a R-PRE if they still own the house but do not occupy the house
  • A Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption (PDF) (C-PRE) allows an owner to receive a PRE on your current property (new house) and on previously exempted property (old house) simultaneously if the previous principal residence is (all must apply):
    • For Sale (proof required)
    • Never rented
    • Is not used for any business or commercial purposes
    • Not occupied