Community & Special Events

Canton Leisure Services hosts a wide variety of special events each season which help build traditions and a sense of community for the residents who take part each year with family, neighbors, and friends.

From large-scale, signature annual events like Liberty Fest and Family Camp Out Movie Night, to quaint specialty programs like the Farmers Market, residents can always find something fun, close to home, and affordable to do in Canton.

Community Special Events Calendar: a complete listing of all Leisure Services events by season.

The best way to stay connected and ensure that you don't miss a new or upcoming special event is to subscribe to the Community Calendar.

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Performance Opportunities in Canton

Please email your electronic press pack/artist info and pricing details to our Recreation Specialist.

PLEASE NOTE: Canton Township receives a great deal of interest from entertainers, please allow a reasonable amount of time to review submitted materials. All information will be kept in our resource files for future consideration.

Thank you for all of your interest in performing in Canton this Summer! All applications will be used for consideration during current and future seasons.

Porch Music at Farmers Market