Canton Road Improvement Program

Canton Township is excited to begin the first year of repairs to the road in our community using the funding from the Road Millage. The intent of the Canton Road Program is to provide flexibility year-to-year to match revenues from the millage to the prioritize projects.

2019 Local County Subdivision Roads

This year, unmatched work on local subdivision roads will be done north of Ford Road and will address catch basin and drainage fixes as well as asphalt crack and concrete joint sealing. Unmatched work will continue in 2020 in subdivisions south of Ford Road.

Matched work will not begin until 2020, however Canton is now soliciting project ideas from Homeowner Associations and other interested resident groups to participate in next year’s program. To learn more about the local match program and download the application, HEREIn order for your project to be considered for 2020 you must submit your application by April 30, 2019.

2019 Primary Road Projects (Click Here for Construction Schedule)

The following road projects are currently out to bid and will be constructed this year:

  • Saltz Road: Concrete repairs and reconstruction from Beck to Haggerty Roads.
  • Hanford Road: Concrete repairs and reconstruction from Beck to Haggerty Roads.
  • Morton Taylor Road: base repairs and overlay will be done north of Warren Road.
  • Lotz Road: Reconstruction and repair on Lotz Road between Palmer and Cherry Hill Roads. Panel replacement and repairs will also be done north of Ford Road.
  • Beck and Cherry Hill Road Intersection: Pavement on the south leg of the intersection will be repaired.
  • Beck Road: failing pavement and repairs to section south of Geddes Road.
  • Lilley Road: Repair and re-construct portions from south of Ford Road to Cherry Hill Road.
  • Canton Center Road: Pavement rehabilitation and repairs will be done south of Ford Road.
In addition, Canton will also do preventative maintenance asphalt crack sealing at the following locations; Cherry Hill Road from Beck and Canton Center Roads; Warren Road from Morton Taylor and Lilley Roads; Palmer Road from Canton Center to Lilley Roads; and Beck Road from Cherry Hill to Ford Roads.

Canton will coordinate other planned construction project activities, such as watermain replacements, sanitary sewer repairs and sidewalk repairs with the work along the major roads to minimize disruption to the residents and efficiently complete all the work each year.

Any required improvements to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements will be incorporated into these projects as required by law. The program on major roads will also include the completion of any pedestrian sidewalk gaps or pathways along the major roads being improved.

Wayne County has formally committed to not reduce any future reconstruction projects, nor reduce any maintenance and repair activities currently being performed on the major County road network as a result of the investment by Canton in these supplemental projects.

View the major roads improvement estimate for 2019 (PDF)

2019 State Roads

The Ford Road Boulevard project is also moving forward. MDOT will award the contract to for the Design Consultant in March. Once the design is complete, right-of-way accusation will begin and construction is anticipated to start in 2022 or 2023.

What about the potholes?

Funds generated from the road millage will not be going toward routine County or State maintenance activities (i.e. the filling of potholes, snowplowing, etc.). That work will continue to be done by Wayne County. The millage funds will be used for very specific capital projects, the tentative list of which for 2019 can be seen here.
Additionally, the millage increase will appear on December tax bills, which means funds will not be available until January at the earliest. Residents can expect some projects to begin in the spring of 2019.

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